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About Us

Providing insights needed to grow and sustain a competitive advantage

About Our Company

Digital Media, B2B events and marketing consulting

African Technology Advisory is a multinational media, B2B events and marketing consulting firm that provides a wide range of business services to the IT industry.

Through our publications, events, training courses and customer acquisition expertise, we provide business leaders with in-depth knowledge, world-class networking, training, and deal making opportunities. We also act as a trusted partner to technology companies that are looking to gain a foothold in Africa.

Our approach and Objective

Empowering IT professionals with connections and insights

We believe every professional should be empowered with the connections and insights they need for smart business decision making.

Our Mission

To provide the IT industry with valuable information and insights needed to grow and sustain a competitive advantage.

Our Objective

With our African experience, skill, innovative vision and commercial drive, African Technology Advisory has hosted a large portfolio of successful international technology events over the years helping shape big ideas and ensuring that our partners gain maximum exposure from our world-class platforms.

Our Brands

Our Services

What we do and what you can expect from us

African Technology Advisory offers direct access to decision-makers in the technology industry, leveraging our trusted media and event brands, including ITNewsAfrica.com, Digital Transformation Congress, IoT Forum Africa, Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa, Digital Finance Africa, Education Innovation Summit, Digital Retail Forum and Digital Manufacturing Africa.

Every month, we reach over 20,000subscribers, nearly 200,000 unique visitors online, and 10,000 delegates to our events annually.

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